Note To Subscribers

Dear All,

You may have noticed fewer posts of late. I promise new stuff is coming soon, I am just wrapping up a chapter of the book I’m working on and have been very focused on that for the past few weeks. I know you want that content, but keep in mind your subscriptions also help support the completion of the book!

Also, a technical issue: I’ve noticed a lot of unsubscriptions for the reason “billing failed.” I dug a little into this with the processing website that Substack uses and it turns out that a lot of these are because the credit card company or bank declined the transaction. This often happens automatically as the card issuer flags certain online transactions as suspicious. If you have stopped receiving the newsletter for some time, but want it and believe you are still paying for it, you may want to check your card. I am also trying to work out this issue with Substack, as well.

Thanks for bearing with me and I will return soon!